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XMC HECO Contract Address: 0x44e63683c17a844d219c7B6afBa8343D12992c77

‘There are three type token on Xman, include XMC, XMS, and XMB. “why You hold XMS? How to mining XMS” It is mentioned in the article that XMC will be anchored at $1 in the future. In the early days, due to the lack of…

This is guideline of use metamask for XmanCash on Heco chain.

The first step get $BDO. $BDO list on uniswap.


$BDO Contract : 0xadb795aaaec1339598bf360f033d723697450452

Step Two you need register Befull App for exchange from ERC20 to HECO

Befull app:

X-man is NEWTYPE concept. X-man Cash is an algorithmic stablecoin project built on the Huobi ecological chain.

When the price of XMC is higher than US$1.05, the contract minted XMC and allocated to XMS pledge users; when the price of XMC is lower than US$0.95, users can purchase XMB at…


Xman is open-source and decentralization project on HECO. We try to create DEFI basic facility.

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